From the Students

Students’ thoughts on personalized learning:

“The new class is very helpful for me and my teammate because it allows us to go at our own speed and not have to stay up to the lesson like an ordinary math class. The math class is also helpful because you aren’t being force-fed the information and don’t have be on the same level as everyone else. It also allows my teammate and I to go at a pace that lets us learn the lesson, understand, take in all the information – and if we don’t get it we can just go back over the lesson. This new math class even allows me to work on working with people and developing better teamwork skills. My teammate and I are very happy about the new math class and will keep enjoying it for the rest of the year.”

~Aidan and Kai

“Our student led classroom is a combination of hard work, determination, and brains. In our student led classroom I enjoy being able to pace myself, practice my skills, and collaborate with other students that are on the same level. Being able to pace myself lets me take the lessons slowly and absorb the information as I learn it. Practicing and honing my skills prepares me for college and my future. Collaborating with others teaches me teamwork, and it also helps complete tasks faster. This is our student led classroom.”


“There are a lot of things I love about our new style of learning in Mrs. Westberry’s classroom. First of all, I like how we can go at our own pace on our learning modules. We don’t have to rush, and we don’t have to slow down with our class – we can choose our own pace, and I think this is a very good adjustment to the class. On a similar note, I also like that we can work on each module, and once we are done with the pretest, we can move on to the test, easy as that. We don’t have to wait until the whole class understands the concept, we can go to the test straight away. Last, but not least, I like how we get to individually work by ourselves, and we get to learn by ourselves. We take our own notes and ask our own questions, which helps us learn better and dive deeper into our education. This classroom model has improved our learning experience a lot, and I’m so happy to be here!”


“This new math class is amazing. With everything we can do, it’s a blast every time. What I like about this is that I can work at my own pace, we have a roadmap and growth journal to track our progress, and of course, THE BELL! With all these choices to do every day I’m in here, it just makes my math class even better.”


“I like the new math class in many ways. One of the ways I like the new math class is that I can move through the modules at my own pace. I also like that in the new math class I don’t have to wait for people to catch up to where I am. I also like this class because I don’t have to speed past stuff I don’t understand.”


“What we like about the student led math class is our independence when working at our own pace. It makes learning more fun and meaningful. When the teacher is teaching you, sometimes you don’t pay attention, but with this new student led model you are forced to really learn it in your own ways. It makes you understand the learning process better.”

~Helen, Katie and Emily

“I love this new way of learning because we get to be our own teacher. This is fun because some people generally in my class go slowly and some go fast.  With the traditional classroom style, if people don’t understand something, the whole class has to wait until that one person gets it. We get to go on our own pace now and don’t have to wait for anyone. We can ask Mrs. Westberry or our classmates if we are confused at any time. I like to go at my own pace because I am kind of a fast worker and smart at A LOT of math. I love this way of learning.”